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I remember playing wedding dress up with my sister and pulling the slip covers off grandma's couch because they provided the perfect length for my train. Even at a young age, I was a lover of details and had a vision of what I thought was pretty. Fast forward to my years as a single mom and the desire to create a world of memories and borrowing my first real camera. I literally took that "big girl" camera everywhere I went (go ahead, ask my children). 

I invited myself to shoot a wedding with one of my dearest friends in the universe, Katie Ameigh of Ameigh Photography...and the rest is history! We've traveled and laughed with nearly 60 couples, not only teaching them how to relax and enjoy being in front of the camera, but also celebrating their own unique love story. Katie will forever be my favorite wedding date.

Fast forward (again) to April of 2020, when I collided with a true Kentucky gentleman. His accent drew me in immediately, but his gentle and sweet spirit captured my heart forever. Brent is the behind the scenes partner of October Grace Media. His support at home, his business sense, and his encouragement makes me the relaxed and fun photographer  I want to be. 

In 2023, I began focusing on branding photography and fell in love with working closely with both small businesses and non-profits. You don't book a brand session without getting my own experience as a small business owner and without heaps of encouragement and support, because let's face it, running a small business is H-A-R-D, no matter what year you're in!

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