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available for TRAVEL

I have my passport and I'm not afraid to use it! I'm so happy with my camera in my hand and out of all the stories I've told, my favorites are the stories of people helping people. Not for any other reason except we're all called in some way to help support and love other human beings. 

Storytelling isn't limited to our borders. October Grace Media has experience in Central America and the Middle East. Traveling to the Middle East undoubtedly and surprisingly made me a better American. I watched refugees care for each other deeply and open their homes, preparing their tables with their finest. Relationship over schedules is the backbone of the Middle Eastern culture and I found their lifestyle magnetic.


Traveling to Central America reminded me how incredibly easy it is to be generous, sharing the simple gifts of water and fuel efficient stoves. I watched single moms struggle in extreme poverty build community and care for each other, doing life without Starbucks, without Walmart, without online grocery delivery and being vessels of deep joy and contentment. It was humbling. It is possible to minister to others as you sit in hard places yourself. 


Ministry is a lot of things to many people. But it's even harder when you have a camera in your hand. Invite us to share your story with the global community, without being intrusive or distracting. In the Harrisonburg area, I've had the privilege to work closely with Mercy House, Bridge of Hope, FCA, Virginia Mennonite Missions, and Village to Village with website design, social media content, images and film.

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