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Karen Liskey, Cross Keys Barn

Meet Karen Liskey, owner of Cross Keys Barn, the only renovated bank barn with modern bathroom facilities in Rockingham County, Virginia. Karen has always been passionate about weddings. Her favorite thing to “play” growing up was dressing as a “bride.” While she’s the sole owner of the venue, her family assists her in the day-to-day operations of the venue. Karen grew up and has always lived in Rockingham County. Opening an event venue is a dream come true for her.

Cross Keys Barn is at least 105 years old and has been in the Liskey family for 64 years. It’s believed that the barn was built from remnants or pieces of other area barns that were destroyed during the Civil War. The main part of the barn, where dinner and dancing currently take place, is 3220 square feet. The main floor is supported by twenty-two 35 foot-long hand cut beams. These magnificent beams are exposed in the Stone Room, which is currently used for cocktail hour and bridal showers.

The Stone Room, where the original feed bunk is located, features the original grey limestone walls. The Liskey family used the main part of the barn to store hay and equipment and the Stone Room to feed dry cows, right up until renovations started in May 2014. When guests enter the Stone Room, they’re greeted by twinkling lights and various shades of limestone. The darker stones are a result of the oil from the cows' hide rubbing against the wall.

Repurposing materials during renovation was important to Karen. In the bridal suite, the counter is made from the original barn floor and wood from the barn can be found in trim around the windows and bathroom sinks. Renovations were completed in five months for their first daughter’s wedding on September 6, 2014.

Open from April 1 to November 15, Cross Keys Barn is a female-founded and operated business. Karen takes pride in providing personable and high quality service while working alongside couples and client families. Nestled among luscious, peaceful green pastures, CKB offers an easily accessible location, plenty of room for guests and a team committed to helping client families imagine and execute the perfect wedding or event.

Cross Keys Barn is the venue with a view.

Images courtesy of the Liskey family, October Grace Media, Ameigh Fellows Media, Ameigh Photography, The Commoneer, Mahfam Photography, J. Ellis Photography, Ashley Eagleson Photography, Erika Medlin Photography, Alex Mari Photography, Gitchell's Photography, and Christy McKee Photography

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