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The Leap

I just took a big leap. BIG.

I left a world of children, technology, work friends that are family, and a ten-week summer for a world of photography, short-form video, graphic design, webmastering, videography, and storytelling in the theatre.

What’s tricky is that I have no theatre background. NONE. (Except for directing Reader’s Theater in kindergarten and first grade with students learning to read). Couple my non-existent prior knowledge and experience with (scary) Shakespeare and there you have the leap.

Leaping is scary and risky and all kinds of tricky. Leaping to chase a dream and an unexpected opportunity to grow and learn in a different community is exhilarating and exhausting.

But, what’s NOT tricky or scary or risky is my camera and downright passion for good storytelling and design. Appreciating the talent, imagination, and drive in people is easy, effortless…and downright energizing.

As I’m learning the themes of Shakespeare’s plays and theatre lingo (blocking, packing in, dramaturgy), I’m spellbound by the energy of rehearsals and opening night while fully realizing my very new privilege of behind-the-scenes glimpses into hard work, enthusiasm, and a love of storytelling from a man long gone. Bringing his stories to the stage in Staunton is their passion. And, bringing their adaptations to life with images and film for the rest of the world is now mine.

Ironically in the end, the job I left prepared me for the job I’m learning. As an instructional technology teacher, I didn’t always fully know the content of the curriculum when I walked into a classroom to co-teach. My job was to support teachers with technology to enhance curriculum. I didn’t have to be an expert in chemistry or Virginia Studies or astronomy to support the content. I just had to be there to help the magic happen.

I don't know what your scary, risky, tricky leaps are. But I do know that showing up to make magic happen is not a foolish leap at all. So get out there and make some magic. Our world sure needs it.

The 2023 Cast of Taming of the Shrew: Aidan O’Reilly as Petruchio, Alexis Baigue as Gremio, Haberdasher, Angela Iannone as Curtis, Widow, Brandon Carter as Hortensio, Corrie Green as Bianca, Erica Cruz Hernández as Tranio, Gabriela Castillo-Miranda as Biondello, Jack Young as Baptista, Peter, Jess Kadish as Katherina, Joe Mucciolo as Vincentio, Meg Rodgers as Grumio, Nic Sanchez as Lucentio and Philip Orazio as Christopher Sly

American Shakespeare Center’s Blackfriars Playhouse is located in downtown Staunton, Virginia (, where you can find me creating content and bringing stories to life through the lens of my Sony a7iv.

Interested in wedding, family, newborn, event, or brand photography? Let's bring your story to life!

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